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Side By Side, Step By Step, Day By Day - Aronov Law NY has the legal prowess and the patience required to turn you into a winning a client. Our ratings on the top legal forums in New York are your assurance that time in and time out we will get the job right. Our plethora of legal services await you and rest assure that our experience in every single legal category we practice is second to none.

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If you win we win. Your success is our success and that is the bottom line. Our simple and systematic approach to law is designed to provide you with the integrity and results you need to succeed in your legal proceedings in NY. From settlement to trial - we only have you in mind.


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We proudly services the entire New York City area which includes the five boroughs of NY (Brooklyn, Bronx, Staten Island, Manhattan & Queens). With offices throughout the city you can rest assure that you won't need to go to far to get the legal consultation you need to win big.

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Integrity, Professionalism, Results, Track Record, Reviews, Work Ethic, Pricing Plans, Contigency Based Services, Offices Near You & Much More.