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The Aronov Law NY Consumer Law Team Has Decades Of Experience Fixing Credit Scores Our Clients Using The Most Innovative & Creative Methods Available In The Industry. Our Services Are Contingency Based (100% Free) And Have Received Awards & Recognition From The Top Legal Forums Including AVVO & Super Lawyers.

Maintaining a good credit score is crucial for significant life events such as purchasing a home, refinancing, making large purchases, and obtaining favorable interest rates on loans and credit cards. While finding the right credit repair company in New York may seem daunting, it's essential to avoid companies that merely send out disputes, as this approach often yields unsatisfactory results. Disputing items on your credit report is something you can handle yourself.

At Aronov Law NY, we offer a credit repair process that goes beyond a simple disputing service. We operate on an entirely different level.

It's important to note that many companies offer traditional credit repair services for New York residents, usually charging around $100 per month. However, Aronov Law NY provides an aggressive alternative to traditional credit repair. Our approach includes an investigative research team, an in-house lawyer, and a personal credit analyst dedicated to your specific credit situation. Everything we do is tailored to your individual needs and is fully contigency based. That means you don't have to pay a dime out of pocket.
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Need help repairing your reputation?  Financial problems you can’t seem to rectify?  Have inaccurate or misleading information on your Credit or Background Check Reports?

Welcome to Aronov Credit Law USA  … Consumer Rights Law Firm with offices across the country. 

Have you been denied a job?  Can’t get a mortgage? Unable to obtain a loan or rental agreement? Need a new car but no one will approve financing?  

The specialized attorneys at Aronov Law USA get results … here’s how.

Our highly experienced Legal Team resolves errors in your Credit and Background Check Records and, when applicable, assures you are compensated for financial and emotional damages those errors have caused.  

How much will it cost?

The initial consultation is always absolutely FREE.  

Call Now or fill out the adjacent form to book your Free Consultation. 

Identifying Items on Your Credit Report

We have encountered a wide range of items that can appear on a credit report, including collections, charged-off accounts, late payments, repossessions, delinquent student loan payments, bankruptcy, foreclosures, inquiries, incorrect profile information, identity theft, and more. Any of these items, individually or in combination, can negatively impact your credit score. While our success rate in removing such items from credit reports is outstanding, we never make assumptions. That’s why we offer a no-cost credit review, allowing us to thoroughly assess your report and determine the actions we can take.

Attorney-Powered Credit Repair in New York

Unlike most credit repair companies that solely focus on sending out disputes, Aronov Law NY

takes a different approach. We combine three key components:

  1. Your personal credit analyst, who will guide you throughout the entire process.
  2. Customization and due diligence from our investigative research team.
  3. A dedicated in-house attorney actively involved in our audits.

Our level of customization is unparalleled, as we have designed our process specifically to help individuals get approved for mortgages. Naturally, this same process can be beneficial for other significant financial goals and purchases.

It’s important to understand that our operations fundamentally differ from other companies. We are not your typical New York credit repair company that relies solely on traditional methods, such as sending out disputes.

So, what is our method?

We conduct aggressive audits of creditors by demanding proof of their authorization to continue reporting specific items on your credit report. More often than not, they are unable to provide the required proof, leading to the removal of those items. This auditing approach is significantly more effective than disputing. Our experienced investigative research team, supported by our in-house law firm, communicates with creditors until the item is either validated or removed.

Time Frame for Credit Repair

Our program lasts a maximum of six months, with clients typically starting to see results within 30-45 days. For a more accurate estimate based on your specific situation, please contact us for a no-cost credit review and consultation.

Understanding FCRA Laws in NY?

The Federal Fair Credit Reporting Act 1 gives you the right to know what your credit file contains, and the consumer reporting agency must provide someone to help you interpret the data. The New York Fair Credit Reporting Act 2 gives you the right to receive an actual copy of your credit report.

Your Consumer Rights Under NY FCRA Laws

By law, they are entitled to at least one free credit report every 12 months from each of the three major bureaus. They can request their reports at the official, government-authorized website for that purpose: AnnualCreditReport.com.

Why Aronov Credit Law USA?

As the largest legal firm in America specializing in Consumer Reporting Law, we can confidently say our far extending experience, with a wide range of cases, gives us the leading edge.  Our Legal Team is solely devoted to Consumer Reporting Law … there are no competing issues … your case is handled by attorneys entirely devoted to ensuring you have the best representation possible.  

Production of Credit Reports

CRAs (Credit Reporting Bureaus) are not the same as Credit Bureaus.  There are three  main Credit Bureaus are Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion.  Conversely, there are numerous CRAs. They use customer data to create credit reports, background checks, and other consumer information reports. Data Furnishers provide the information CRAs use to create their reports.  Personal information is collected by Data Furnishers via government agencies, banks,  and other institutions.  Many Credit Reports include inaccurate or false information because the multiple data streams involved and the number of reports generated each day are not inspected for mistakes.  And … the information a bank or government institution may not immediately provide updated information which can in turn cause a problem on your Credit Report.  

Credit problems can have serious repercussions, so it’s crucial to seek the advice of an FCRA attorney as soon as possible. Studies revealed that more than one third of Americans have mistakes on their Credit Reports. These mistakes can cost you your job, can prevent you from obtaining a mortgage or lease, be denied a rental contract for vacation homes, or have an application for vehicle financing rejected.  

Don’t worry!  Aronov Credit Law USA is here to help.   

Resolving Credit Report Errors 

Only an experienced Credit Report Lawyer fully understands all the intricacies involved in battling CRAs.  If you want to restore your good credit you need a specialist.

Why do I need a specialist … a Credit Report Lawyer? 

  1.  Both the Federal Government and individual States have strict regulations in place regarding consumer credit (for a more in-depth explanation, see below). Credit report attorneys are well-versed in these intricate laws, and experienced in dealing with CRA disputes, data challenges, and above all protecting consumer rights. They’ve proven themselves successful at bringing  Data Furnishers and CRAs to account. A lawyer who specializes in Credit Report errors knows the specific obstacles and can overcome them swiftly. It may be essential to file a lawsuit against a CRA if the resolution cannot be obtained. An experienced Credit Report lawyer knows the score and will be able bring the litigation process to a successful close, ensuring compensation for monetary losses and emotional distress (where applicable).
  2. Knowledge of the specific laws required In Credit Report cases, coupled with practical experience in the field, make a formidable combination and is the key to successfully negotiating settlements.  Nothing can truly make up for your monetary losses or lost opportunities, for the sleeplessness and stresses you experience due to irresponsible credit as a reporting. However, it is important that you receive compensation for financial and emotional damages.  It’s your right as an American citizen.

To What Extent Is Legal Representation Necessary on My Credit Report?

As mentioned above, Federal and State laws pertaining to inaccuracies and false information of Credit Reports are complex and require the expertise of an experienced Credit Report Lawyer.  Credit Report cases are more complex than they seem, you should not attempt to take on the CRAs without proper legal representation.

Is Legal Counsel Necessary to Address an Issue with My Credit Report?

Yes, but it’s not easy. Credit Report disputes can be managed independently. You are free to initiate the dispute and seek rectifications independently. A mechanism is in place to assist with the filing and processing of these claims by each CRA and Data Furnisher, including the credit bureaus. There are cases where consumers’ credit profiles are restored after filing data disputes and errors are easily corrected.  

For example, if you have a paid off line-of-credit but it is showing as an outstanding debt you might be able to have it corrected by asking your bank to update the information. Even without a Credit Report lawyer, you might be successful if you have a personal relationship with your local bank and they will expediently process your request. But! There are situations where this may not be enough, and an FCRA lawyer will be necessary to intervene. Attempting to tackle Credit Report issues on your own present three major concerns:

  1.  Although you can read the FCRA regulations, it is challenging to comprehend its nuances and practical applications. Without fully understanding the FCRA you are virtually unequipped to tackle the CRA and expect a successful result.  
  2.  Experienced attorneys have guided numerous clients through similar cases and are familiar with the ins and outs of ensuring that CRAs and Data Furnishers adhere to legal requirements. Credit reporting agencies, other CRAs, and data providers often advise consumers that the incorrect, deceptive, or false information has been confirmed after conducting an inadequate inquiry into customer disputes.  Your lawyer will know how to deal with this issue. 
  3.  A Credit Report attorney will sue on your behalf when credit bureaus, CRAs, or data suppliers engage in delaying tactics, inadequate reviews, or inadequate investigation methods.

Credit Report Mistakes That Our Lawyers Can Resolve

A consumer’s Credit Report is compiled from myriad sources, such as service providers, credit card companies, banks, lenders, mortgage holders, civil and criminal court records, municipal property and tax records, etc. There are several potential points of error while collecting, analyzing, and reporting on customers.

At Aronov Credit Law USA, we are well-versed in the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), and are fully equipped to defend your rights and interests in any scenario involving Credit Reports.

A few examples of the mistakes we rectify:

  1.   Mixed files: Data from one consumer is mixed with data from another.   Data furnishers and CRAs employ algorithms to collect information, however these algorithms can fail to properly and accurately filter out customer similarities or input errors.
  2.  Designations of deceased persons: A startling number of customers discover that their credit report shows that they are no longer alive. There can be serious repercussions if a deceased indicator shows up on your credit record.  If your Social Security number is mistakenly listed in the Death Master File (DMF) by the Social Security Administration (SSA), it can have far-reaching effects. We can assist in having your name removed from the record and in having the designation removed from your credit report by all relevant parties.
  3. It’s possible for a consumer’s creditworthiness to take a hit due to deceptive data, even while the account in question is accurately reported. In other instances, we have dealt with Credit Reports that correctly show the opening of an account in the consumer’s name but fail to specify that the account has been paid off and terminated. Even if no payments are actually due, it can appear as though payments are past due/unpaid.
  4. Unauthorized and fraudulent accounts and transactions are hallmarks of identity theft. We successfully assist you in recouping your losses if you have been a victim of this crime.

These mistakes could appear on your credit record in a variety of ways, including:

  •   The reporting of a repossession that never took place
  •   An account that has been paid but is still shown as a debt
  • Delinquent accounts that have been dismissed in bankruptcy proceedings
  • Nonexistent bankruptcy
  • Misrepresenting accounts as paid in whole or in the collecting process
  • Paid tax liens that are still listed as debts
  • Disclosing negative information that is more than seven years old
  • Accounts that have been deleted can be restored
  • The same account being reported twice
  • Loan or account deferral or forbearance that is still considered late.

Important Information to Have on Hand Before Calling

That your credit report contains an inaccuracy. At this juncture, a Credit Report attorney can help you figure out what to do next.

Gather any documentation you have that proves an account was paid in full and there is no remaining amount if, for example, a mistaken entry indicates that you are still responsible.

You are under no obligation to bring any paperwork to legal consultation, but doing so may save time and expedite the initial process.

Federal Laws That Shield Customers From Credit Report Inaccuracies

Consumer Protection Regulations regarding financial credit reporting that have been in place for years. The government is aware that there is a significant power imbalance when it comes to the relationship between businesses and the individuals who depend on them for financial services and products.

Our economy is based on people being able to access loans for personal and business use.  Clearly, this requires the collection of personal information to determine how much credit each person can access at any given time. 

The Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) was created to rebalance the differential between big business and the individuals. Companies responsible for collecting, analyzing, and reporting consumer data have a responsibility to exercise reasonable care in accordance with the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), which guarantees consumers specific rights and safeguards. If inaccurate information does end up on a consumer’s credit report, they have the right to dispute it.

The circumstances surrounding your case may involve Federal and State laws in addition to the FCRA. A Credit Report lawyer is experienced in these laws and can quickly decipher what needs to be done in each unique case.

Procedural Steps for Legal Opponents Taking on CRAs

An attorney can help you file a lawsuit against a consumer reporting agency (CRA) by investigating the alleged mistake(s) and collecting relevant documents. After reviewing your case they will determine which provisions of the law were broken. 

A formal complaint is prepared outlining the specific areas of law breached, and the losses endured. Additionally, several forms of damages are sought in the plea for compensation. 

In order to sue under the FCRA, you don’t necessarily need to show that you actually suffered a loss. The commission of an FCRA violation alone may be sufficient to justify compensation as established by statute in certain cases.

What You Can Expect to Recoup From a Consumer Reporting Agency Lawsuit

If you seek legal counsel regarding your Credit Report and sue for a Credit Reporting mistake, you may be able to collect damages.Monetary compensation does not always need proof of actual harm. Nevertheless, if you have experienced genuine harm, whether it be monetary or emotional, your recompense will have a dual purpose:

  1. Making you whole.  The term “making you whole” refers to returning all of the money or other assets that were wrongfully lost due to the error in your Credit Report. In the event that you were unsuccessful in obtaining work due to an oversight that was not adequately investigated and rectified, you may be eligible for compensation i.e.: for expenses such as missed rent payments, lost wages, or other related costs. You may also  seek compensation in the event that you were not approved for a mortgage.
  2. To exact justice on the business that wronged you (punitive damages). To prompt the business (the CRA or Data Furnisher) to improve their service. The purpose of imposing punitive damages is to discourage further wrongdoing by the defendant.

Legal Fees for Credit Reports

Credit Report attorneys do obtain compensation for their efforts. Each case requires time and effort. But under the FCRA, Credit Report lawyers accept payment from the businesses they sue.

Aronov Credit Law USA contact us for a Free Consultation 

We will continue to offer our services at no cost to you once we accept your case. The businesses that caused you harm will be held financially responsible. 

Put Your Case in the Hands of Experts …  Aronov USA Credit Reporting Lawyers

We have assisted thousands of consumers in successfully disputing errors in their Credit Reports.. We have extensive expertise and 75 combined years of legal experience in Consumer Protection Law on both the Federal and State level, including the FCRA.

*Other attorneys/law firms often seek our guidance, advice, or help with the FCRA and we gladly provide it. If we are unable to assist you at this time, we will connect you with someone who can.

Call us today . . . we’re here to help.

Avoid Scams & Choose a Trustworthy Solution

If your credit score is below where it needs to be, it’s time to seek assistance from professionals. You have financial needs, and your credit must be in good shape. You need a knowledgeable company with an in-house attorney who can effectively handle creditors. Generic dispute letters are not enough. We understand the complexities of credit repair in New York at Aronov Law NY, and our mission is to restore your buying power.

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