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Credit Report Errors: Merged, Mixed Or Incorrect

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Someone Else’s Data Damaged Your Credit Score?

Has your Credit Score suddenly plunged?  Is there unrelated data on your Credit Report? Unknown errors found on your credit report?

It could be the result of Mixed Data … information about another consumer showing up, in error, on your Credit History.  


If you have recently applied for a job, mortgage, vehicle financing, Credit Card, rental lease, etc. and were turned down because of a Mixed Credit Report, you need to act quickly to rectify the situation.  We strongly advise you to call an experienced Mixed Credit Report specialist immediately.  Credit Report errors can turn your world upside down financially and cause prolonged emotional distress.  There’s no need to face this situation alone . . . the services of a Legal Expert can make the process smooth and ensure you are, when applicable, compensated for any related losses and emotional upset you’ve experienced.  

Why Does My Credit Report Contain Information About Someone Else?

Financial and other personal data is collected by companies that use multiple sources, streaming information of thousands, perhaps millions of people simultaneously.  Although there are protocols in place, mistakes frequently occur.  If two or more people have the same/similar name, address or account number, their information may inadvertently be added to your Credit Profile or vice versa.  As mentioned above, this can cause serious financial disruptions and emotional distress.  

Why is critical your credit report is error-free?

Financial institutions, landlords, insurance companies, business owners etc. assess your risk factor to determine whether or not they approve a loan, mortgage, Credit Card, auto financing, rental lease, insurance, benefit, or hire you for a job. Credit Reports are basically financial risk assessment profiles represented by a Credit Score This score attempts to provide a symbolic representation of your creditworthiness, allocating you with a number between 300 and 850.  The higher the score the higher your creditworthiness, and the lower your risk factor.  Establishing and maintaining a good Credit Report and looking for damaging errors should be at the top of your monthly to-do list.

Where Do I Find My Credit Score?

Credit profiles are produced by three multibillion-dollar national companies: Equifax, TransUnion, and Experian. They are referred to as Credit Bureaus and dominate the Consumer Data sector.

Consumer Reporting Agencies (CRAs)

The consumer data sector is governed by the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), a Federal Act that coexists with State and related Federal laws. Because they collect, examine, and compile consumer data into Credit Reports, Credit Bureaus are referred to as Consumer Reporting Agencies (CRAs) under the FCRA. 

What are Third Parties and Data Furnishers?

CRAs purchase data from other businesses. They purchase information from businesses that you deal with directly, like banks, lenders, Credit Card firms, mortgage providers, and the like. They are referred to as data furnishers. Third-party companies scan, compile and provide data from Municipal, County, and State records as well as Civil and Criminal Court records.

How Are False Credit Scores Generated?

In order to find, collect, examine, and combine information about an individual in order to create a credit report, CRAs, data furnishers, and third-party suppliers all employ software platforms and coding that has been specifically created for this purpose. Vast networks of data are involved, leaving them open to error so . . .  mixed Credit Reports can definitely occur. Unintentionally, data streams from one person are dragged into the Credit Report of an unrelated third party. This has an impact on the algorithms used to calculate Credit Records as well, leading to the generation of false Credit Scores.

Can I Delete Errors False Information From My Credit Report?

Your right to an accurate Credit Report (and other consumer reports) is protected by law. Removing information from your Credit Profile sounds simple however, it can be complicated.  Utilizing the services of an experienced Mixed Credit Report lawyer will guarantee that the incorrect information is expediently removed and that you are, when applicable, amply compensated for any financial damages/losses and emotional distress caused by the financial disruptions, loss of employment etc.

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What My Mixed Credit Report Lawyer Do With These Errors 

Mixed Credit Report lawyers, take on Credit Bureaus to correct your Credit profile, secure damages for your losses/injuries, and get you back on track. Your Legal Specialist will  assist you in a variety of ways, including:

Navigating complex legal statutes and the Credit Bureau Dispute Procedure. Ensuring your rights are protected under Federal and State regulations. Hold the CRA’s accountable for all their legal duties. It is essential to work with a Legal Team that practices nationwide and is, therefore, well versed with the laws of your State.

Bringing legal action on your behalf. A lawsuit is typically the only course of action that results in resolution. Throughout the trial, your attorney will represent you and work to secure an appropriate settlement and damages.  Your Legal Team has the expertise and experience to negotiate a settlement with your best interests in mind. They also precisely when and how to best position your case for maximal results.


What Should I Do Before Speaking With a Credit Report error Lawyer?

  • Confirm that your Credit Report has Mixed data. 
  • Obtain a free copy of the Mixed Credit Report. 

It is not necessary to list every instance of harm you have experienced prior to contacting a Mixed Credit Report attorney. It suffices to know that mistakes in your Credit Report have caused you harm. 

Who Will a Mixed, Merged Or Tainted Credit Report Attorney Sue?

They will sue the CRA (as well as any lawfully involved data furnisher or third party) under the FCRA for causing the issue, failing to identify the error, and disclosing false information. While there are no legal repercussions for false reporting, Credit Bureaus, other CRAs, third parties, and data furnishers may face regulatory sanctions. The most advantageous way for you, as a customer, to hold these businesses responsible is to seek error rectification and compensation with the aid of a skilled and highly experienced Mixed Data Report expert.

What Kind of Money Is Available In A Credit Error Lawsuit?

You may file a lawsuit for damages under the FCRA and other state and federal laws if the mixed data has caused you harm.

  • Restitution for actual injuries. This is referred to as “compensatory” or “actual” damages. It implies that you have the right to reparation if Credit Reporting inaccuracies caused you any form of emotional distress or financial loss. For example, you have the right to claim for all of the financial damages you suffered if you are denied a job because of a Mixed Credit Report and are unemployed for three months. You can also sue if you miss rent payments, end up in collections, face repossessions, or suffer other losses or disruptions..
  • Punitive damages, meaning the goal is to “reprimand and/or punish” the wrongdoer(s) in the hope that they will  improve the system and stop future occurrences.

Legal Fees:

You are not required to pay any money out of pocket to pursue the lawsuit. The FCRA requires the businesses being sued to cover all legal fees and costs in the event that you prevail. You pay nothing even if the lawsuit is unsuccessful.

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Call Now for a Free Consultation. As always, these services are 100% contingency based (that means they are free and we only take money from the winnings).

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