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Have you ever been turned down for a job because of a flawed Background Check?  Have you ever been denied a lease, vacation rental agreement, or lost a business opportunity because of false information on a Consumer Report?

We can help! 

There are companies out there that use personal information for their own profit.  They generate Consumer Reports ie:  Background Checks that may contain incorrect information that can have a damaging effect on basic freedoms like finding a place to live, getting a job or starting a business.  

You are not alone.  

Aronov Law USA specializes in fixing background reports and getting your life back on track. Fill out the adjacent form or call us now to start the process.

Our attorneys are experienced in Consumer Protection Law.  We know how to deal with companies using false information on a Background Check. We are here to protect your rights, hold those responsible accountable, and ensure that you are compensated.

What is a Background Check for?

A Background Check is an in-depth look at your consumer profile to see if you are a good fit for a job, whether you are a high risk for a lease, or as a business owner/partner. Not all employers, landlords, rental owners or business people use one, but when they do, and they see something they don’t like, it can quickly cause major headaches. Your Credit Report, Criminal  Record, Driving Record, work history, and school records can all be part of a Background Check. 

Where do companies get their Information?

The information obtained for Background Checks are mostly made by buying, reviewing, and reporting your personal information. Employers and property owners don’t do their own background checks; they hire companies for that … Customer Reporting Agencies (CRAs).  Companies called “data furnishers” sell data to the CRAs, which then use it to create Background Reports. Where do they find your info?   From your credit card company, bank, service providers, and so on. Third-party businesses also scan, collect, and sell information from public records.  

CRAs create a report by using an algorithm to amalgamate the data collected. Errors occur because there are many data streams involved and the data is neither reviewed nor sorted in a way that would make mistakes less likely.  So … mistakes are frequent and often very damaging.

Background Check:  Employment

An Employment Background Check is one of the most popular and frequently used.   

  1.  Background Checks before hiring. They are usually obtained just before an offer of employment is made.  
  1. B) Ongoing Background Checks based on work. These are used periodically during your employment. 
  2. C) Background Check after accepting a new job. This can happen at any time during your employment whether immediately after hiring or at any time your employer feels it may be necessary.  

Does my employer do the Background Check?

No, as mentioned above, CRA’s are external companies that create the report and provide the Background Check.   

Periods of Unemployment 

Don’t try to cover up any periods where you were unemployed.  It can show up on your Background Report so be sure to be open about this when applying for a job or during an interview.  

What can I do about false information on my Background Check?

You should challenge any mistakes you find in your Background Check report. If you want to dispute a point on your Background Check try the following.

  1. Call Aronov Law USA!  Don’t wait until you need to sue someone before talking to one of our Consumer Protection lawyers. We will help you understand the steps you need to take to resolve the issues. 
  2. Look over the record of your Background Check. You have the right to see a copy of your Background Check report so take the opportunity and do it today. Make note of any mistakes.  If mistakes are found, your attorney can file an error challenge with the CRA.
  3. If you are in the process of resolving false information and are applying for a job, lease etc., let the prospective employer, apartment owner etc, know about the error and that you are having it corrected.  In some situations, this may be enough to keep them from not considering you. 
  4. Look over your Credit Records. You can get a free copy of your credit report at annualcreditreport.com.
  5. We suggest that you do not use any of the online dispute tools that the CRAs offer. If you use these sites, you might have to give up your right to sue

When do I need a lawyer to help with a Background Check dispute?

Aronov Credit Law USA suggests that you get in touch with Background Check lawyers as soon as you learn that mistakes have been found in your report. Getting in touch with an experienced Consumer Protection lawyer right away not only saves you time & stress … it can mean the difference between getting a job and being unemployed.  

What will my Consumer Protection Lawyer do?

A Consumer Protection lawyer helps you fight the CRA,  right the wrongs in your Background Check report and sue for damages.

Do I really need a lawyer?

Most people usually find out about misinformation when they are suddenly turned down for a job, lease etc. You need to get the problem solved quickly and the best way to do that is by hiring a legal specialist in Consumer Protection law.  It might be possible to get the issues resolved on your own but there are risks you should discuss with a lawyer before attempting to do so.  

Aronov Credit Law USA has a highly qualified Legal Team that deals exclusively with Consumer Protection Law.  

What are examples of common Background Report errors?

  1. Not enough information being given (for example, leaving out details about how a criminal or driving incident was handled.
  2. Showing facts in ways that aren’t clear (for example, reporting the same arrest or incident more than once).
  3. Misclassifying the type of crime (for example, calling a misdemeanor a murder).
  4. Incorrect dates that kept certain information out of the Background Check.
  5. Not being told, in writing, that a Background Check report would be necessary means that employers, CRAs, and data providers may also be responsible.
  6. You didn’t give written permission for a Background Check to be obtained.
  7. You were never given a copy of the Background Check.

What you should know before calling a Consumer Protection lawyer. 

You need to know if there are mistakes in your Background Check report. There’s no need for you to know where the error came from, why it’s being reported, or how it has affected you. Your lawyer will help you figure out what happened, fix the damage, file a Background Check case if needed, join a class action suit (if applicable) and sue for compensation.

If you find out that incorrect information in your Background Check report led to a decision to not hire (or fire) you, you should talk to an attorney immediately.  It is imperative to hire an attorney who specializes in Background Check reports.  

Aronov Law USA has years of experience in Consumer Protection Law with a Legal Team specialising in Background Check errors.  

What will happen if I sue?

The Fair Credit Reporting Act says that you can get both compensatory and punitive losses. Damages that make you financially whole again and compensate for mental and emotional distress are called compensatory damages. Punitive losses are meant to “punish” the company that hurt you financially and/or emotionally.

What about the legal fees?

At Aronov Credit Law USA you will never have to pay for a meeting with one of our Background Check experts.

If legal action is required, you don’t pay for our services. The CRA we sue pays our fees and costs under the FCRA.  

Rest assured that your interests are our interests and we get results.  

Aronov Credit Law USA can help if you’ve been turned down for a job, a place to live, or have impaired your ability to succeed due to false information in a Background Check.

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