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Child Custody Lawyer NYC (File Joint Or Sole)

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Aronov Law NY has decades of experience helping couples file joint custody. Similarly, we also have a tremendous amount of experience helping a parent in litigation with a spouse attain sole custody. The most important thing to keep in mind when involved in a custody dispute is that the primary focus should always be the child in question.  The lawyers at Aronov Law NY have worked with parents all over New York City to find child custody arrangements that are in the best interest of the child and are agreeable for both parents and their new family situation as a whole. Reaching that perfect harmony between the parents and pursuing joint custody is a win for all the parties involved – especially the children.

When a child is caught between battling parents, nobody benefits.  Most of our attorneys are parents themselves and understand all the emotions that accompany raising a child.  We work to make sure that our clients and their children reach a result that works for them without causing unnecessary heartbreak for the children involved. In the event the parents cannot get it together Aronov Law NY can represent you in attaining sole custody.

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