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New York City has recently passed a series of construction laws that will go into effect in 2023. These laws aim to improve safety on construction sites, protect workers’ rights, and increase transparency in the construction industry. Real estate developers will need to retain professional NYC real estate lawyers that are well versed in these laws in order to make sure their company is in compliance. Here are some of the most significant changes that will take place:

Increased safety regulations: The new laws will require all construction workers to complete a 30-hour safety training program. In addition, construction sites will be required to have a safety coordinator present at all times. The coordinator will be responsible for ensuring that safety procedures are followed and that workers are wearing the appropriate personal protective equipment.  One of the most crucial laws for construction workers (signed right before the end of the year) was the passing of Carlos’ Law. This necessary legislation was in limbo for years and will now hold employers and contractors more accountable for workplace injuries.

Expanded rights for workers: The new laws will make it easier for workers to report safety violations and seek compensation for injuries. Workers will also have more protection against retaliation for reporting safety violations or joining a union.

Increased transparency: Construction companies will be required to disclose their safety records and violations to the public. This will make it easier for consumers to make informed decisions about which companies to hire for construction projects.

Stricter penalties for violations: Companies that violate safety regulations will face steeper fines and penalties. Repeat offenders may even be barred from bidding on future construction projects.

These new laws are a response to the high number of construction accidents and fatalities that have occurred in New York City in recent years. According to the New York City Department of Buildings, there were 645 construction accidents in 2020, resulting in 10 fatalities. The hope is that these new laws will reduce the number of accidents and make construction sites safer for workers.

The construction industry has been resistant to some of these changes, citing concerns about the cost of implementing new safety procedures and the impact on project timelines. However, proponents of the new laws argue that the long-term benefits of increased safety and transparency outweigh any short-term costs.

In conclusion, the new construction laws in New York City for 2023 represent a significant step forward in ensuring the safety and well-being of construction workers. By requiring safety training, expanding worker rights, increasing transparency, and imposing stricter penalties for violations, these laws will help to prevent accidents and protect workers from harm. While there may be some initial resistance to these changes, it is clear that they are necessary to ensure that construction sites in New York City are as safe as possible.

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