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Being Hounded for Debts? You have rights and you should exercise them.

Aronov Credit Law USA – restoring your financial peace of mind for decades with our award winning debt relief programs.

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Are Debt Collectors  making your life miserable? Are you afraid to answer your phone?  Does every knock on your door set you on edge?  

We’re here to help.

Debt collectors can be overly aggressive.  They show up when you are financially & emotionally vulnerable. Financial instability is stressful enough without the added pressure of Debt Collection Harassment.  

Don’t worry . . . there are laws in place to protect you and your family.  

The Legal Specialists at Aronov Law USA know what you’re going through … let us take the pressure off and set you on the path to financial stability.   

What’s the FDCPA?

The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) was created by the Federal Government in order to control the often aggressive practices of the Debt Collection  business. 

What can Aronov Credit Law USA do for me?

Our team of Debt Collection Harassment lawyers have a proven track record and have seen every possible situation involving FDCPA violations. We specialize in Debt Collection Harassment; we have helped hundreds of people get back on their feet, reestablish their Credit Score and bring peace back into their daily lives.  

Aronov Credit Law USA has offices across the country … call us today.

How does the FDCPA work?

FDCPA sets the standards by which Debt Collectors may do their job.  The laws set out by the FDCPA are complex.  A LegalTeam specifically trained and experienced in Debt Collection Harassment is your best chance to achieve successful results.    

What is a Debt Collector?

Debt Collectors aka Bill Collectors, are a problematic part of consumer economics. When a consumer owes money to a business and is delaying in or unable pay to it back, the business may try to get the money back in one of two ways:

  1. Hire a Debt Collection Service to get the full amount back. Debt Collectors are motivated by being offered a percentage of the monies they are able to harass out of the debtor.  
  2. Sell the debt to a Debt Buyer, who will attempt to extricate the full amount from the debtor. In this case, the company that buys has the right to demand that the customer pay back the full amount.


How am I affected by Debt Collectors? 

For you (the debtor) the end result is identical . . . the Debt Collector wants to get the maximum amount out of you and will go to extreme lengths to make that happen. In theory, Debt Collection  is meant to keep companies from losing money. On paper, it makes sense. However, there is a vast difference between theory and practice. In practice, it frequently leads to bullying, harassment, abuse, exploitation, and the lowest possible opportunistic ploys. One of the main reasons Americans get into serious debt is due to costly medical expenses. Medical bills are high, and most wages aren’t.  This can lead to Debt Collection Harassment when you and your family need peace of mind the most.  

Sadly, there are many cases where there hasn’t been any debt at all.  Debt collection often involves dishonest, illegal practices that include subterfuge and fraud.  Most Debt Collectors  go after people who have real, verifiable debt. Consumer debt and consumer data are related fields so it’s actually possible for a debt free individual to be harassed by Debt Collectors due to mistakes in the data. Hackers are also out there, waiting for a chance to take advantage of you. There are Debt Collector scams that trick people into giving them information about their financial payments and then use the information against them.  

What can I do to stop Debt Collection Harassment?

Talk to a Credit Law expert! Aronov Credit Law USA, has a Legal Team that knows the ropes and won’t back down against heavy-weight Debt Collection bullies.  You have rights under the Criminal Justice System, your lawyer can file charges against Debt Collection individuals and companies.   

What do I say when a Debt Collector calls?

Don’t get friendly, and don’t give them any information, don’t confirm any details they might give you.  Before giving out any financial or personal information, even if you know you owe money to the company mentioned, do some research, follow up, and make sure the Debt Collection  information is valid.

Effects on Credit Report

In addition to the constant worry that comes with Debt Collection , it can also damage your Credit Score. You may see a big drop in your credit score if the original company or Debt Collector reports your unpaid amount to the Credit Bureaus. This can adversely affect many important opportunities, including job applications, loans, mortgages, automotive financing, leases, etc.

What does the FDCPA entail?

  1. The law prohibits Debt Collectors from harassing you. 
  2. The FDCPA protects you from excessive phone calls. Debt collectors can call you seven times in a week. This includes leaving messages. If a debt collector talks to you directly at any point, they have to wait seven full days before getting in touch with you again. If the Debt Collection Rule about phone call frequency is broken, it is usually considered harassment, which is against the FDCPA.
  3. Debt collectors are only permitted to call you between 8:00 a.m. and 9:00 p.m. If you inform them you cannot take calls at work, they cannot call you during work hours, or it is considered harassment. Also, if you tell them that a certain phone call is bothersome for you (for example, because you’re at a doctor’s appointment), they must end the call immediately, or it is considered harassment.
  4. Debt collectors are permitted to contact you via social media, but only through private messages. They are prohibited from making any public posts mentioning debt.

Text, email, and social media can be used by Debt Collectors to contact you, but you have the right to stop receiving these messages, and they must give you a simple way to do so.

Once you have retained a Debt Harassment lawyer, Debt Collects cannot contact you in any way. 

  1. The term Debt Collector under the FDCPA includes lawyers, people who buy debt, and people who collect debt. Don’t be intimidated if someone says they are a lawyer for the collection agency. They are bound by the same rules as all collectors of debt.

What can my Credit Law lawyer do for me?  

Credit Law lawyers protect you and your rights. Your lawyer will stop Debt Collectors from harassing you and assist you in getting ready for a case, help you identify and describe violations etc. 

Points to Make Note of

  1. The name of the person harassing you.
  2. The date and time of the call, recording, text, email, etc.
  3. The conversation or message itself, including what you said (for example, not to call you at work, that you have a lawyer for Debt Collection  threats, etc.).

*It’s also important to remember that the FDCPA doesn’t cover business debts. This law also doesn’t include a company that collects its own bills under its own name as a debt collector. The FDCPA does not protect you if the hospital billing department is bothering you because you owe them money for medical care. You may still have legal rights against these types of first-party collectors … ask a Credit Law expert for advice.

Some states hold first-party Debt Collectors responsible through State regulation along with the FDCPA. If this sounds like something you’re going through, contact Aronov Credit Law USA to find out more.

What do lawyers who deal with Debt Collection Harassment  do?

Credit Law or (Consumer Protection) lawyers with the FDCPA. Their expertise includes Debt Collection Harassment methodology.  These specialized lawyers protect your right to live peacefully while you pay back or dispute a debt. They are able to assist you in various ways.

  1. Once you agree to work with a lawyer you give the Debt Collector your lawyer’s contact information, and they will be required by law to stop harassing you. Legally, they can only communicate with you through your lawyer. Your lawyer will inform all parties concerned that they will be representing you and to send all correspondence to them and cease all communication with you immediately. In most cases this will stop Debt al harassment.  
  2. A lawyer who specializes in Debt Collection Harassment will provide  you with legal counselling and help you decide if/how you should pay off the debt. 
  3. If you dispute the debt or any part of the debt, there is a way to make your case official. A Credit Law lawyer will help you through this process while protecting your legal rights and setting your mind at ease.
  4. Defendants who are harassed by Debt Collectors can file a case to get monetary assistance if the harassment continues If any of the presumptive harassment scenarios occur, or if any other Federal or State laws are broken your lawyer will act on your behalf to ensure your rights are respected.   

Only lawyers who are well versed and experienced in Credit Law can adequately represent your best interests.   

Our Legal Team of experts is ready help you 

get your life back on track.

Common Violations in Debt Collection 

  1. Constant, unwelcome calls, texts, emails, social media messages, and other forms of contact that are meant to “harass, oppress, or abuse” you, especially in a way that breaks the law under the FDCPA.
  2. It is illegal to use websites, social media posts or comments, or any other platform to name people or give personal information about them. 
  3. Making threats. It is against the law a Debt Collector to say or hint that you will be physically or otherwise harmed if you fail to pay or agree to pay money toward the debt.
  4. The use of vulgar or harsh language or insults when speaking with you or leaving messages. Debt collectors are not allowed to use rude or insulting language or to use foul language when they communicate with you.

When Should I Hire an FDCPA Lawyer?

You should talk to an FDCPA lawyer as soon as a Debt Collector calls you.  

You should still call a Credit Law lawyer today, even if you’ve already tried to deal with a Debt Collector yourself. Debt collection is based on scare tactics that are meant to force people to do what the Debt Collector wants, not what is best for you. 

Do I really need a lawyer?

For your own protection you should hire a lawyer, as previously stated it is best to hire a Credit Law expert.   You can represent yourself but it isn’t the same as having years of practical experience and in-depth knowledge of the FDCPA on your side.

Debt collectors and the businesses they work for are very powerful, and they are well aware of it. That’s why they feel free to break the law, abuse, threaten, and harass customers. It is very difficult to stand strong against these powerful entities, especially when you are not proficient in the knowledge of your rights, the laws and adept at playing hardball with giants.

What You Should Know Before Calling an FDCPA Lawyer

Before you call an FDCPA lawyer, all you need to know is that you owe money that was sent to collections. 

If you find out that your account has been sent to collections, 

call Aronov Credit Law USA for a

Free Consultation right away. 

What’s the rush?

  1.   Not all bills need to be paid back, and sometimes agreeing to terms for repayment resets your duty to pay. When it comes to how debts are collected, State laws make a difference; it’s important to know how State and Federal affect your obligation to pay.
  2.   Debt collection practices are known for being unpleasant, unfair, dishonest, abusive, manipulative, and almost completely immoral. Having a lawyer from the start saves you from extreme situations that excalate as time passes. 

What kind of financial settlement will I get? 

Under the FDCPA and other State and Federal laws, you can sue for money damages if you’ve been hurt by shady, unfair, or unethical Debt Collection  tactics.

  1. Payment for actual harm done. Damages like these are called “compensatory” damages. It means that you have the right to be made whole again if abusive Debt Collection  practices have hurt you financially and/or emotionally.
  2. Payment for “punitive damages.” These are meant to “punish” the Debt Collector in order to encourage them to refrain from harmful tactics in the future.
  3. When you sue Debt Collectors and win, they have to pay your legal fees and other costs.

Legal fees for an FDCPA lawsuit

By law, the FDCPA lets you sue a Debt Collector if they contact you in a way that is annoying, dishonest, threatening, or cruel, whether it’s by phone, text, email, social media, letter, or some other method. You are able to represent yourself with an expert Credit Law lawyer at no cost to you. The goal of the rule is to protect people who are being harassed by Debt Collectors. 

Aronov Credit Law USA is here to help with Debt Collection Harassment 

Our Legal Team is highly skilled and experienced. Lawyers who are active litigators and passionate advocates for consumer rights. We are a National Consumer Protection Law Firm. 

No not hesitate to contact us if you are experiencing Debt Collector Harassment.  Debt is nothing to be ashamed of … we understand that debt happens for many reasons to people from all walks of life.  

You have rights!  Let us protect them for you.

Call us today for your Free Consultation and sleep well tonight  . . . .

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