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At any time during a divorce proceeding, you can ask the court to give you relief while the divorce is pending. This is particularly important for stay-at-home spouses who may have left the workforce and are financially dependent on their partner. This relief can allow you to continue to receive financial support from your spouse while the divorce continues. Remember, contested divorces can often drag on for longer than a year, so this type of relief, if needed, can be indispensable.


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Relief you can ask for includes asking the court to:

  • Order your spouse to pay child support and other child related expenses
  • Order your spouse to pay alimony
  • Order your spouse to continue paying rent/mortgage, utilities and other household expenses
  • Order your spouse to pay your attorney’s fees
  • Give you custody of your children
  • Decide visitation
  • Give you and your children exclusive occupancy of the family home
  • Issue an order of protection if you fear your spouse, or they have been abusive towards you or your children in the past
  • Order your spouse to pay for expert’s fees


Not everyone will be entitled to this relief. If you would like to learn more, please contact our firm and we will be happy to answer any questions.

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