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Auto accident victims frequently suffer a backache or “whiplash” after the crash. Usually, this pain gradually subsides with medical treatment and time. For many, the injury becomes debilitating and even permanent.

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While vehicle accidents are the most common cause of injury to joints, they may stem from any physical trauma. Our New York car accident injury attorneys have handled all types of personal injury claims arising from negligence. The back and neck injury lawyers at Aronov Law NY are familiar with all types of joint injuries, including knee injury, shoulder injury and damage to wrists, elbows, ankles, fingers and toes. From our extensive experience as New York car accident injury attorneys, we know the approximate value of these injuries to insurance companies, and we will not settle for less.

Since one’s spine is such a vast and important area of the human body, numerous injuries can be suffered in an accident. Most back and neck injuries involve the bulging, herniation, or displacement of one or more spinal discs (or vertebrae). When a victim suffers an injury to the spinal discs in an auto accident or other accident, the nerves surrounding the injured discs are oftentimes impaired by the disc displacement as well. The nerve damage resulting from a displaced, herniated, or bulging disc may lead to shooting pains throughout the body, numbness in other areas of the body such as hands and feet, heat sensations, and/or a variety of other physical impairments taking place throughout the spine and body.

Contact the New York car accident injury attorneys at Aronov Law NY for a free consultation. If the injuries you suffered were caused by the negligent actions of others, our experienced trial lawyers will work hard to get the compensation you deserve.

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