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Every year there are approximately 60,000 pedestrian fatalities in the Untied States and more than 110,000 pedestrian injuries. Many of these fatalities and injuries are caused by negligent and dangerous drivers. At Aronov Law NY we hold the guilty party legally responsible for the damages they have caused. Call now for our free individualized case analysis and we’ll take your case to settlement or trial.

The Law Will Compensate For Your Pedestrian Injury

In the United States driving is a privilege, not a right. Drivers must obey the law and use caution while operating their vehicle, which includes observing pedestrians and people riding bicycles. Injures sustained by pedestrians may be very serious and might include permanent physical injures. Some injuries that may result from a pedestrian accident are: 

  • Brain injury
  • Bone fractures
  • Coma
  • Paralysis

Following a pedestrian accident you should contact an aggressive pedestrian accident and injury lawyer to begin the legal process. When drivers injure pedestrians or bicyclists they must be punished and should have to compensate the victim for all accident-related costs. Medical costs relating to a pedestrian accident can be very expensive, and include hospital bills, loss of wages, and visits to medical specialists.

If you or a family member suffered from a pedestrian accident and would like more information concerning your legal rights, please contact us. Call Aronov Law NY for an immediate free evaluation of your potential case.

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